AP Recovery

Our Company

We are the recovery audit firm that focuses on auditing your suppliers as well as your accounts payable. Unlike traditional firms, we don’t use mass mailing methods, choosing instead to contact your suppliers directly. Simply put, we prefer the human touch.

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What We Do

People + Technology

We blend the inquisitive mind with the power of technology. We developed Knowledge Exchange from and for recovery audits. It analyzes every supplier and every transaction using both artificial intelligence and machine learning to determine which suppliers and which transactions need attention. Unlike traditional firms who use mass mailing methods we contact your suppliers directly. Our analyst’s dig in. They ask questions. They get to the good stuff.

Quite simply we prefer the human touch.

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Global Reach & Expertise

Because your suppliers are everywhere, so are we. Our highly trained, expert team of analysts are multilingual, culturally experienced and have recoveries and contacts all over the world. We not only know who to ask for, but what to ask for and how to ask it. (Things that letters can’t do.)

We Do It All Off-site!

From data extraction and analysis, through completion of the audit, we’re there when you need us and gone when you don’t. Our centralized approach helps execute the most thorough audit without taking up your valuable time and space. Unlike other companies, who seek to minimize headcount, we will place a seasoned team of analysts on your audit to provide consistency every time. This method ensures that an experienced, knowledgeable team will deliver the results you need and expect.

Who We Serve

Our business model is designed to serve Fortune 1000 companies. We understand that companies of this size have certain unique needs, and we have worked hard to be a trusted partner to some of the biggest and best. Our experience is deep and broad, transforming the knowledge learned from project to project and cross-industry is part of the value AP Recovery brings as a strategic partner.

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Application Platform Experts

We thrive in complexity. We work with numerous application platforms like SAP, Peoplesoft, Oracle, Workday, JD Edwards, Lawson and many more. We train all of our analysts on how each system operates so they understand how the applications apply payments, credits and clear.

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