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Our Technology

You’ll never stop improving yourself. Neither will we.

We Set the Standard

We are driven to find new ways to enhance our audit effectiveness through the continuous development of advanced auditing techniques. In addition, we help you improve your operations by focusing on proactive remedies and preventative measures. We blend data, technology and services to provide the most advanced reporting available for some of the most respected companies in the world. Fact is, at AP Recovery, R&D stands for “remedies and deterrents.”

The Finer the Net, the Bigger the Catch.

Our technology is unlike any other. We developed an innovative suite of software: KnowledgeExchange (KE5), APAS and DataMatch, which alter the very dynamic of the recovery process. Through more in-depth and advanced methodology, our system digs deeper to find more errors. Simply put, we find more money. To prevent future errors, comply with government regulations and prevent fraud, iKnowNow was created to provide you quick and easy access to your data to make better and more timely business decisions.