Recovering money can be a powerful thing.

AP Recovery’s Utility Analysis team applies their expertise in state regulations and billing practices of tariffed providers to reduce your operating expenses and recover lost credits and refunds.

Our team will review your historical utility spend, all available rate plans offered by your providers and will work directly with them to ensure you are receiving the most advantageous rate. In addition, we will work to identify tax exemptions that are not being utilized and make sure the exemptions are put in place.

Review. Reduce. Recover.

Rate Review

Our team reviews electric power, water, natural gas and sewer accounts to ensure you’re receiving the most advantageous rate structure available. We confirm rates for which clients are eligible and calculate whether any existing rate structure offers potential long term savings. We also examine past bills to confirm that the utilities are correctly structuring and calculating amounts due each month.

Tax Exemption

We review the Department of Revenue regulations for each state in which our clients do business to determine if they are eligible for tax exemptions that are not currently being deducted. We compare and analyze usage by location through careful scrutiny of actual invoice records to confirm accuracy.

Real Results

Recovering lost profits now and in the future.
The Evaluation

Our team saved a client several hundred thousand dollars by recommending that several of their facilities be placed on a discounted rate intended only for one other multi-site customer. After much resistance from the utility, we were successful in getting their large load accounts on the special alternative rate which yielded savings in excess of $500,000 annually while also recovering a refund of more than $400,000.

Incorrect Rate Calculation

By comparing like facilities, we were able to find a facility that had an incorrect bill demand embedded in the monthly rate calculation that occurred for more than 6 years. This resulted in a negotiated refund of over $600,000 and an ongoing annual rate savings of $150,000.

Annual Cap Excess Billing

Our team identified that a client was being billed in excess of the annual cap for a low income assistance fee charged by the utility. The annual cap was applied to each client location instead of to the client as a whole. We were able to obtain a $116,000 refund from the utility to compensate for
historical errors and future savings totaling $100,000 per year.

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