Come to terms with your vendors.

AP Recovery delivers meaningful profit enhancements to your company through an in-depth query and analysis of payment terms offered by your vendors.

Whether you’re interested in quick pay discounts or simply maximizing the “float,” our terms optimizations ensure maximum benefit.

Am I using the best terms available? Am I taking all the discounts I qualify for?

Identify. Manage. Measure.

You often find terms at multiple levels: vendor terms, PO terms, invoice terms, payment terms. They can all be different. We sort through all terms and identify the most favorable options for you.

Optimize Pay Terms allows you to:
  • Identify Terms Opportunities
  • Determine the Most Favorable Payment Terms Offered by Vendors
  • Manage DTP
  • Flag & Capture Missed Discounts
  • Measure Opportunity Against Corporate Objectives

Strategic Savings

The amount you save through managing vendor discounts can be significant.
Taking all available discounts can represent significant savings and make more sense financially, than holding off on your payment.

For example, if your organization makes $1 billion in supplier payments each year and 25% of those payments are eligible for 1% discount, this translates into $2,500,000 in available discounts.

Choose the strategy that meets your needs.
Apply the optimal discount and calculate the potential savings earned but not taken.
Apply the optimal float and calculate the potential savings when maximizing the days to pay.

Our organization places a priority on having the right payment term for each supplier. We’re insistent with new suppliers but have never had a way to identify terms opportunities with our current supplier base. Knowledge Exchange helps us identify these opportunities and then keeps our payment terms in line. This new visibility and analysis have saved our company millions of dollars.

AP Manager,
International Manufacturer

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