Prevention Services

iKnowNow Allows:

  • Pinpoint duplicates in your supplier file
  • Identity optimal payment terms
  • Identity fraudulent practices and high risk activities
  • Quickly access information with minimum involvement from the IT department
  • Trends and patterns through instant, multidimensional data reporting
  • Easily identify and recover overpayments

Prevention Services

If I knew then, what iKnowNow

The advanced modular reporting tool developed by the recovery audit specialists at APR. Having performed recovery audits for some of America’s most prominent companies, we know that finding solutions to disbursement problems is worth as much, if not more, than recovering money. Clients want to see, analyze and report their own information. iKnowNow provides clear and concise answers and is your first line of defense in preventing disbursement errors. It’s simple, secure, easy to use and is delivered without the need to purchase or install software.

Ready to know now? Click on the modules below to learn more about our advanced prevention applications:


Manage Supplier File

ScrubNow utilizes "fuzzy and phonetic logic" enabling us to uncover "near matches" such and Bill vs. William. This allows us to identify relationships that exist between seemingly unrelated suppliers More


Prevent Duplicate Payments

MatchNow provides clarity into your payment process and speeds up the identification process, allowing you to find duplicates before they age and increase the odds of recovery. More


Optimize Pay Terms

TermsNow delivers meaningful profit enhancements through an in-depth query and analysis of the payment terms offered by your suppliers. More


Detect Fraudulent Activity

FraudNow is a critical component in a successful fraud detection strategy. FraudNow initiates a battery of tests across suppliers, employees, and payables data to identify suspect activity. More


Ongoing Compliance

WatchNow utilizes our supplier file scrubbing process to identify potential matches between your supplier base and governmental watch lists. More


On Demand Compliance

SearchNow performs a similar function as WatchNow but is designed as an on-demand service and is generally used at vendor setup, prior to issuing payment to a high risk vendor or for random sampling by Internal Audit. More

Custom SpendClarity

SpendClarity provides in-depth analysis of disbursement activities with the ease of click and drag. It enables you to easily and selectively extract and view data across division, locations, ap/user, and more. More