Prevention Services

iKnowNow Allows:

  • Pinpoint duplicates in your supplier file
  • Identity optimal payment terms
  • Identity fraudulent practices and high risk activities
  • Quickly access information with minimum involvement from the IT department
  • Trends and patterns through instant, multidimensional data reporting
  • Easily identify and recover overpayments


Will the real Robert R. Smith please step forward?

It’s no secret that accurate supplier information is the foundation for successful ERP implementations, data migrations, spend analysis, supplier file maintenance, and prevention of duplicate payments. Today, organizations change names, acquire each other and merge on a daily basis. Over time, these changes lead to inconsistent and unreliable data. When you consider data conversions from legacy-based systems, and the addition of new applications, it’s easy to see how good data goes bad.

ScrubNow provides a “scored” supplier scrub report that identifies redundant suppliers, duplicate suppliers, and suppliers with little or no activity. The results are grouped, scored and ranked by probability. This allows you to direct your internal resources where the greatest impact can be realized. It reduces exposure to overpayments and eliminates confusion in your disbursement process.

ScrubNow utilizes “fuzzy and phonetic logic” enabling us to uncover “near matches” such and Bill vs. William. This allows us to identify relationships that exist between seemingly unrelated suppliers.

Performing data scrubs on a regular basis maintains the integrity of your supplier file and decreases exposure.