Prevention Services

iKnowNow Allows:

  • Pinpoint duplicates in your supplier file
  • Identity optimal payment terms
  • Identity fraudulent practices and high risk activities
  • Quickly access information with minimum involvement from the IT department
  • Trends and patterns through instant, multidimensional data reporting
  • Easily identify and recover overpayments


It’s time to come to terms with your suppliers.

TermsNow delivers meaningful profit enhancements through an in-depth query and analysis of the payment terms offered by your suppliers. Within a single accounting system or across multiple systems, duplicate and related suppliers often exist with different payment terms. TermsNow identifies related suppliers and flags the optimal payment terms offered, determines total spending among the group, and calculates the potential discounts earned but not taken.

Apply the optimal discount and calculate the potential discount earned but not taken.

Apply the optimal float and calculate the potential savings when maximizing the days to pay.

Evaluate how you are doing according to your company’s DTP or discount target.

Whether your organization is more interested in quick pay discounts or simply maximizing the “float,” TermsNow ensures maximum benefit.

Choose the strategy that meets your needs