Prevention Services

iKnowNow Allows:

  • Pinpoint duplicates in your supplier file
  • Identity optimal payment terms
  • Identity fraudulent practices and high risk activities
  • Quickly access information with minimum involvement from the IT department
  • Trends and patterns through instant, multidimensional data reporting
  • Easily identify and recover overpayments


Justice may be blind, but the government has 20/20 vision.

It is illegal for U.S. businesses to trade with certain individuals, organizations and countries, as designated by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) within the Federal Government. The problem is most organizations do not understand their obligations and, more importantly, the potential liabilities involved in dealing with designated persons or entities on governmental watch lists. Fact is, your company can incur civil or criminal penalties. That’s why there’s WatchNow.

WatchNow utilizes our supplier file scrubbing process to identify potential matches between your supplier base and governmental watch lists. We compare your file to the lists of prohibited organizations and people to create groups where potential matches exist. WatchNow maintains the most current governmental listings so each time your data is refreshed your suppliers will be matched against the most recently updated list. Protecting your company has never been easier.