Audit Services

Audit Services

Business has many pains, but money left on the table simply has no pleasures. That is why we are here. Our AP Audit Recovery process will find the sources of loss so lost profits don’t pile up.

Accounts Payable

In the world of Accounts Payable, millions, even billions of dollars are left on corporate tables each year. Why? Because industry processes so many invoices each day, the impact of a .1% error margin is substantial. It’s estimated that for every billion dollars of payables there can be a million dollars in overpayments. More

Contract Compliance

When it comes to managing contracts, it should be pretty straightforward - the contract comes in, the contract is administered, the contract is completed, and eventually it’s either terminated or renewed. Pretty simple…right? Now add in thousands of new contracts over the next few years. Now for the really bad news: it could be costing you money…and lots of it! More

Utility and Energy

We help you improve your operations by focusing on proactive remedies and preventative measures. We blend data, technology and services to provide the most advanced reporting available for some of the most respected companies in the world. More

Sales and Use Tax

A/P Recovery's audit teams work to identify, confirm and recover overpayments made to all state and local taxing authorities. We then provide your personnel with training to prevent overpay- ments and ensure future compliance. More


The APR team of project managers, engineers and legal experts has purchased and managed over $300 million in telecommunications services in the last three years. We can assess your current services performance against your contract and make recommendations that will save you money. More

Unclaimed Property

In regards to unclaimed property, APR identifies unclaimed property being held in any of 53 jurisdictions, forwards claim forms to governments and requests reimbursements, and acts as a conduit for any additional requested information from the state. More