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Contract Compliance

Sometimes the hardest part of being a shepherd is simply watching the sheep.

When it comes to managing contracts, it should be pretty straightforward – the contract comes in, the contract is administered, the contract is completed, and eventually it’s either terminated or renewed. Pretty simple…right? Now add in thousands of new contracts over the next few years. Don’t forget a few internal staff changes and a whole new set of rules and regulations from the new management team upstairs.

Finally, add in a new software system and a data conversion for good measure. Still sound simple? Now for the really bad news: it could be costing you money…and lots of it! Click here to learn how we can help…

How It Works

At APR, we are trained and extremely skilled in identifying error scenarios and exposure areas. We will meet with your purchasing department to review and collect contract information. We will even fix the problem and recover any resulting lost money. More

Why It Works

With over 35 years of contract audit experience, the APR team has conducted contract audits on both a domestic and international level, involving a broad range of spend categories and contract types. Our audits assure you consistency as well as a seasoned team of professionals. More

Visualize The Benefits

Common spend categories include Technology (hardware and services), Professional Services, Advertising (creative and media), Call Centers, Collection Agencies, Leases (real and personal property), Manufacturing, Marketing, Outsourced Services, Partnerships and Staffing. More