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Sales and Use Tax

Two hundred years later and we're still overpaying taxes!

It’s hard to believe that after two hundred years and incredible advances in technology, many corporations are still overpaying taxes. But consider this…most companies do business in multiple states and each state is continually pursuing new and aggressive ways to offset their depleted budgets through taxation. Add to that the ever-changing tax laws that are being forced on your organization every day and you’ll see how taxing it can be. While most state tax agencies do their best to keep you informed of tax law changes, state auditors are under no legal obligation to inform you of overpayments. Over time, these mistakes can really add up.

How we can Help

APR has professional auditors with years of experience who develop strategies that help our clients maximize their profitability. Our audit teams work to identify, confirm and recover overpayments made to all state and local taxing authorities. We then provide your personnel with training to prevent overpay- ments and ensure future compliance.