Audit Services

Unclaimed Property

banner-specialAPR’s Process

  • Identifies unclaimed property belonging to the client in federal, state and local unclaimed property administrative agencies.
  • Complete the necessary research to prove the property is owned by the client and we assemble the pertinent documentation required by each administrative agency.
  • Delivers the forms and documentation to the designated officer of the client for the signatures needed.
  • Forwards the completed claim forms to the proper administrative agency and requests a reimbursement of the unclaimed property; acting as a conduit for any additional requested information until the funds are recovered.

APR’s Data Needs:

  • Name of the corporate officer who will execute the signatures.
  • Address where the unclaimed property correspondence can be received and easily re-directed to APR, usually that same officer’s address.
  • Name of the officer’s administrative assistant.
  • Copy of the signing officer’s business card.
  • List of all affiliated organizations and merger history.
  • If available, a copy of Federal Tax Form 851 – Affiliations Schedule.
  • W-9’s for the company and all affiliates.