Audit Services

Utility and Energy

Recovering money can be powerful.

According to some estimates in the industry, 6-10% of utility bills have errors, depending on the utility companies you operate within. Multi-location organizations are challenged with trying to avoid these costly billing mistakes over a portfolio of facilities being billed by various utility companies.

APR’s Utility Bill Audit and Tariff Optimization solution combines our proprietary analytics system with our experienced staff members who are skilled at utility/energy bill analysis and working directly with the utility companies to secure electric, natural gas and water/sewer bill cost reductions and refunds on your company’s behalf. We leverage your existing utility bill data, by accessing it from a variety of sources and go beyond the low hanging fruit and obvious billing mistakes.

Once the data is captured, we analyze and compare numerous billing components to other similar customers within our database and to your own historical data for benchmark purposes to dig deep for costly billing errors that lead to utility refunds, future savings and Energy Management opportunities. Bill anomalies are then captured by the APR team, researched, presented to the client, and finally brought to the utility companies’ attention for immediate action, refunds and savings.

Utility Bill Audit

When used in combination with APR’s proprietary tools, the Utility Bill Audit and Refund Recovery Service leverages utility charge, meter and tariff information and data to uncover errors, which leads to an action plan for recovering mis-billed funds. More

Tariff Optimization

APR’s utility rate expertise - when paired with our robust utility bill data processing system - offers clients national strategic rate, tariff and pricing intelligence.  More

Energy Management

APR’s team of deregulated energy procurement experts ensures your organization is taking a proactive role in managing your energy costs and mitigating your risk in areas of with electric choice and natural gas management.  More