Utility and Energy

Energy Management

APR will act as your independent & impartial energy supply advocate.  We guide your organization through the deregulated energy procurement process while maximizing savings and implementing the mutually agreed upon energy supply management process and strategy that protects your organization against unstable and unpredictable energy markets. As an independent energy supply advocate, APR is unbiased and unaffiliated with any particular supplier or utility, providing the unique ability to competitively bid our client’s loads to secure the most economical price available.

The Goal

Your goals and initiatives become ours… whether that means energy savings, budget certainty, a renewable energy portfolio, energy risk management or a combination of these approaches. 

The Benefit

APR’s team of deregulated energy procurement experts ensures your organization is taking a proactive role in managing your energy costs and mitigating your risk in areas of with electric choice and natural gas management. 

APR partners with you to be your energy supply experts. We are already immersed in the energy markets every day… so let us do your legwork!

The Result

Our clients have the peace of mind that they hired an objective advisor with extensive experience to help secure the best overall value and energy supply management strategy in deregulated energy markets.