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Meet Our New Leadership: President/CEO Tony Brush and COO/CFO John Evans

November 16, 2021

It is with great pleasure that AP Recovery announces our new President and CEO, Tony Brush, and our new COO and CFO, John Evans. Working together, Brush and Evans, are eager to utilize their extensive knowledge and experience to propel AP Recovery forward in 2022.

Why Audit Your Suppliers Now?

Want to recover lost profits for year-end or first quarter? The time to act is now! As year-end approaches, many organizations turn to current year clean-up and first quarter planning. It can be a busy time with multiple projects and fast-approaching deadlines. All while managing short months and holidays. With an already full plate, adding […]

Why You Should Audit Construction Spend

What are construction audits, and why do they matter for high-volume companies like our Fortune 500 clients? Tyler VanWormer discusses the profitability and applications of this specialized accounts payable recovery audit.

Choosing a Firm For Your Next Recovery Audit: What to Look For

Throughout the past 25+ years we’ve been in business, we’ve determined the key characteristics that set apart a great recovery audit from an ineffective one. Our accounts payable auditors at AP Recovery implement each of these components in our own process to ensure you’re seeing max returns in addition to the invaluable insights your organization […]

Round Table Discussion: The Impact of Technology

You know you have to make the transition to updated software, but is the transition time costing you for the month, quarter, or even year? Listen to our full discussion with Jeff Sprowls, Pearsall Smith, and Jason Lipari on successfully adapting to technology without causing financial leakage.