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Choosing a Firm For Your Next Recovery Audit: What to Look For

July 16, 2021

Throughout the past 25+ years we’ve been in business, we’ve determined the key characteristics that set apart a great recovery audit from an ineffective one. Our AP Recovery analysts implement each of these components in our own process to ensure you’re seeing max returns in addition to the invaluable insights your organization needs to move […]

Round Table Discussion: The Impact of Technology

 Round Table Discussion: How Technology Has Impacted Accounts Payable You know you have to make the transition to updated software, but is the transition time costing you for the month, quarter, or even year? Listen to our full discussion with Jeff Sprowls, Pearsall Smith, and Jason Lipari on successfully adapting to technology without causing […]

How an Accounts Payables Health Check Can Help You Uncover the Unknown

 Health is at the forefront of all our minds these days, and it is especially important when it comes to the state of your Accounts Payable. Pearsall Smith discusses how a ‘health check’ could help you uncover the unknown opportunities already in your accounts. What is a ‘Health Check’ of Accounts Payables? A “health […]