The Rise of Global Audits

Our lives are globalized. Everything we do in business or in life, really, is connected in some way to another part of the world. And if your organization is global, your audits should be global as well.

Why are global audits on the rise?

A few key factors have contributed to the rise of global audits. These include:
• Shared Vendors
• Increased Globalization
• Technological Advances

Watch the full video to learn more about why each of these factors benefit from a global audit versus the traditional domestic audit.

Globalization’s Impact on the Audit Process

The obvious growth of globalization has fueled the interest and implementation of a single audit for all your transactions. The pandemic we have all encounter together has exposed this awesome opportunity even more.

Almost daily now, we have the opportunity to virtually meet with clients all over the globe and we are seeing the same type of communications between our clients and their vendors. This has significantly allowed all of us to realize we are a global business community and audits have followed us into this exciting area of growth.

Technological advancements have driven our ability to transact and communicate globally in a real-time environment. A global audit leverages this new potential to streamline transactions and workflow, leading to increased interest from Fortune 500 and 1000 companies who would benefit from an audit that requires fewer resources, produces quicker results, and improves global processes.

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