Why Audit at AP Recovery

5 Reasons Why A Recovery Audit Should Be At The Top of Your To-Do List

2020 has been a year of unprecedented challenges, and a recovery audit may not be at the forefront of your business’ list of priorities. However, a recovery audit may be exactly what your company needs to improve your bottom line, secure the state of your accounts payable, and prevent future losses.

Has the security of your accounts payable been compromised due to market uncertainties? Did your organization implement the correct procedures while transitioning to semi-remote work models? Were the best contract terms taken into account despite supply chain disruptions? These are all relevant questions to ask, questions that are best answered in the thorough and efficient manner supplied by a recovery audit.

This white paper, “5 Reasons a Recovery Audit Should Be at the Top of Your To-Do List,” explores the current state of the industry and why performing a recovery audit this year is your next best move.

What you’ll gain from this white paper:

  • Information about the current state of the industry and the possible susceptibility of your accounts payable.
  • Five essential scenarios that are cause for performing a recovery audit in 2020.
  • Key characteristics that set apart a great recovery audit from a subpar one.

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