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The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your Vendor Master File

Validate. Consolidate. Control.

Sourcing and accounts payable professionals rely heavily on their vendor master file (VMF) for proper payment processing, keeping track of supplier discounts and incentives, as well as to protect against fraud. However, many VMFs are not properly maintained and the integrity of the file is compromised, which leads to numerous headaches such as duplicate payments, missed rebates, and IRS reporting errors.

This white paper, “The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your Vendor Master File,” is an extensive guide that will help you clean your VMF and keep it that way for good.

What you’ll gain from this white paper:

  • Understanding all of the negative impacts of a “dirty” VMF
  • Five simple steps you can take to clean your VMF
  • Ongoing maintenance suggestions to maintain the integrity of your VMF
  • Learning how Knowledge Exchange User Edition helps reduce VMF errors

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