Sometimes the hardest part of being a shepard is simply watching the sheep.

Our team reviews detailed line level spend to identify areas in which you may have paid more than necessary. We also analyze your contracts and make best practice recommendations to address potential risk areas.

The goal is to maximize recoveries and savings for past, present and future spend.

Verify. Confirm. Inform.

Pricing Review

Review per unit prices charged by suppliers confirming you are being billed correctly. We will also review off contract spend and identify potential erroneous charges. Our billing exception review is both wide and broad.

Risk Area Best Practice Recommendations

Evaluate all areas that can be adjusted to mitigate risk and improve efficiencies. The goal is to help you avoid billing issues in the future while addressing areas where adequate protections are not offered.

Escalation/De-Escalation Clauses

Ensure that any changes in price have been put in place according to the contractual limits.

Discount & Tiered Price Verification

Evaluate your eligibility for more favorable pricing and confirm that you are applying for all eligible discounts.

Rebate Calculation

Analyze all rebate accounts and work with the suppliers to recover any additional rebate dollars that were not paid.

Real Results

Findings, recommendations and recoveries.
The Evaluation

Prices for technology goods for our client changed multiple times during the year. And those prices were not always updated on a timely basis for invoicing purposes, resulting in goods being overbilled. The contract stipulated that any price decreases would be reflected on all outstanding deliveries and subsequent orders, but in reality, they were not.

Additionally, it was discovered that the foreign exchange rate being used on non-domestic purchases was not consistent with the method detailed in the contract. It was also determined that purchases for items not on the standards list were not being discounted.

The Recommendation

Our team recommended process changes for both the supplier and our client to enhance invoice and invoice verification controls. As well, we recommended procedures to improve the process of updated price changes on both open and future orders.

The Result

$1.5 million recovered
$100,000 annual savings

obtained by implementing a discount structure for all non-standard products versus paying list price

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