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The Power of People + Technology

At AP Recovery we think differently. Knowledge Exchange isn’t just a database and audit workflow tool. Built into its core is flexibility, it gives us a single view into your system(s) allowing us to uniquely analyze, compare, identify, research, communicate and recover. But we believe people make the true difference. Technology along with human discovery, common sense and curiosity ensure we deliver better results than anyone thought possible.

Person-to-person dialogue produces much higher recovery rates.

70% More Recoveries with
Live Account Reconciliation

The common practice of requesting statements through a letter or email is inefficient more than 75% of the time. That’s the reason our analysts pick up the phone and have live discussions with your suppliers. We understand the different cultures, terminology, and nuances of a diverse supplier base.

Real People. Real Results.
Better Communication. Better Results.

Duplicate Payments
  • DUPB Duplicate Billing of Invoice
  • DUPDV Duplicate Payment Different Vendor
  • DUPSCK Duplicate Payment Stale Check
  • DUPSV Duplicate Payment Same Vendor
  • DUPWV Duplicate Payment Wrong Vendor
  • WRGVSCK Wrong Vendor Payment Stale Check
On Account
  • Cash on Account
  • Deposit on Account
  • ICP Invoice Canceled but Paid to Supplier
  • OVPC Overpayment on Check
  • OVPI Overpayment on Invoice
  • OVPISCK Overpayment of Invoice Stale Check
  • OVPL Overpayment on a Lease
  • IQ
Earned Credits
  • Advertising or Promo Rebate Not Taken
  • Misc Credit Memo
  • Credit Memo Paid Rather Than Taken
  • Credit on Closed Account
  • Credit for Warranty Not Used
  • Volume Rebate Not Taken
  • Adjustment to Price
  • Adjustment to Quantity
  • Freight Change Adjustment
  • Stale Credit
  • Credit for Returned Item Not Used
  • Discount Not Taken
  • Escheatment
  • Lease CAM
  • Sales and Use Tax
  • Unclaimed Property
  • Wrong Vendor Paid in Error
  • Wrong Vendor Payment Stale Check
AP Recovery

sets the standard.


Not just ‘who?’ and ‘what?’ But ‘why?’ and ‘where?’ Developed from and for recovery audits, Knowledge Exchange is the tool that merges ALL of your data from multiple sources to a “single view” database. Not just AI, but AI for AP. Knowledge Exchange analyzes each supplier and transaction using both artificial intelligence and machine learning to determine which suppliers and transactions need attention.

  • Analyze
  • Compare
  • Identify
  • Research
  • Communicate
  • Recover

The result is a clear, complete picture of your accounts payable operation.

AP Recovery
AP Recovery

IQ: The brains behind Knowledge Exchange.

Every transaction, query, phone call, phone number and email address is logged in IQ. Most importantly, this valuable information allows our analysts to identify potential risks, anomalies and supplier behaviors.

  • Global Contact Information for Millions of Suppliers
  • Experience Gained through Every Audit
  • Global Supplier Behaviors Across Industry Segments
  • Recovery Success Patterns
  • Billing Anomalies from Billions of Transactions
  • Assigned Risk Score for Suppliers

Application Platform Experience

Our application platform capabilities are limitless as our highly skilled IT team and analysts have worked with SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, Workday, JDE and dozens of others. Often, configurations range from multiple instances of a single accounting platform to multiple systems including “home grown” applications. We have the ability to blend all your ERP data, which helps spot the same payments made from, for example, Corporate and some made at different business units.

AP Recovery


We execute our audits with little to no interruption. We don’t want anyone to think that because most of our work is done off site we don’t spend time coming to understand our clients and the idiosyncrasies of their business. Certainly not. Our clients confirm they are pleased with the fact we work out of sight and with the high level of care and meticulousness we employ during each engagement. We dig deeper with less intrusion than you can imagine, the net is real efficiency.

In a sea of pay history, treasures are hidden…and we know how to find them.

AP Recovery

The Exchange


The Exchange delivers everything you need and nothing you don’t. Information about your audit, your claims and your AP data are all at your fingertips. The Exchange provides you the flexibility to customize the reports when and how you want them, giving you the visibility you need.

All the invoices and claims from the current review. It’s real time so you can manage the audit right at your desk.

  • View invoices/claims
  • Approve or comment on claims
  • View images of claims
  • Filter and sort all information
  • Upload documentation
  • Export invoices and claims

What happened, when it happened and why it happened. Whether an executive level report is required or you want to drill down into the weeds, audit visibility is available by year, quarter, month, business unit, location, type, or root cause… Simple to use with powerful results.

Unparalleled visibility into your spend/disbursements with dynamic filtering capabilities such as largest suppliers, dollars spent, transaction count, business unit or location. You can begin there, and the possibilities are endless.

Want to view your results by region, country or currency? No Problem. We deliver the reports how you want them.

AP Recovery

Audit Summary Report


At the conclusion of the audit, we produce a personalized report based on your audit findings and results. A senior staff audit manager, your project manager and the reports administrator will compile all the elements for your review including recoveries by vendor, type, amount, claim count and root cause. Making it easy to spot trends and gaps in your payment procedures.

Root cause

Our team goes to great lengths to gather as much information as possible and deliver a roadmap of how the error occurred. This root cause information is the basis of our recommendations to you of how to improve your system and prevent future recurrence.


We compare your results against your peers, similar industries or similar size companies.

Recommendations for process improvement

The summary will document the teams observations and help give guidance through root cause on how best to reduce future losses across your global operations.

Through years of client events and client interviews, we discover what steps our clients have taken to improve their payables procedures and reduce loss. By examining your trends, we pass this knowledge along to you.

AP Recovery

Audit Playbook

Off site, online and on time.

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