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Mountains of data, a meeting in minutes and you don’t have the reports you need. What do you do?

This is a common problem in business. Readily accessing the information you need to make important decisions can be challenging when data is scattered across multiple locations or systems.

Introducing AP Recovery’s Custom Reporting. What you need, when you need it.

Robust. Intuitive. Instant.

Our reports provide in-depth analysis of disbursement activities with the ease of click and drag. The intuitive system enables you to easily select, extract and view data across divisions, locations, ERP systems and more, effectively answering not only “who” and “what,” but “why” and “what if.”

  • Analyze & Coordinate Spend
  • Report & Measure Business Performance by Division, Location, Pay Type, ERP & More
  • Analyze Data for Patterns & Trends
  • Perform Advanced Business Calculations
  • Create, Export & Distribute Reports on the Fly
  • Create a Consolidated View of Data from Multiple ERP Systems

Beneficial Reporting

Customize, analyze and distribute reports with just a few clicks.

Custom Reporting combines the best aspects of an executive dashboard with detailed data visibility. Users begin at the dashboard level providing quick recognition of the areas they want to explore. Individual areas may then be selected for a more detailed analysis and drilling down into the underlying data.

Example: A section of the dashboard may indicate what payment methods are used most often. The user can select a specific time period for analysis and the entire dashboard will instantly update based on the parameters. How many dollars and how many items for each payment type? Which vendors? Which terms and DTP? All this information is instantly available from the highest level to specific transaction details.

The Result: Spend less time searching for answers and more time making decisions.

Our global operation team processes invoices and payments in multiple ERP systems.
With data coming from different sources and in different formats, reporting has always been a challenge. AP Recovery was able to build a reporting solution that gave us answers to our questions and the flexibility to find answers that haven’t even been asked yet. This has led to better and faster decision making in our company.

Executive VP of Operations,
Fortune 500 Company

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