Why Audit Your Suppliers Now?

Want to recover lost profits for year-end or first quarter? The time to act is now!

As year-end approaches, many organizations turn to current year cleanup and first quarter planning. It can be a busy time with multiple projects and fast-approaching deadlines. All while managing short months and holidays. With an already full plate, adding something else can feel daunting.

While you are busy, your suppliers are too. However, their goals can be quite different than yours. They are often tasked with cleaning up accounts before year-end. This cleanup can lead to misapplied payments, credits being adjusted off to suspense accounts, and an environment that can make it more difficult for you to identify and recover your money.

This white paper, “Why Audit Your Suppliers Now?,” is an extensive look into why vendors might just be keeping more of your money than you know and how your business can recover those profits.

What you’ll gain from this white paper:

  • Identify year-end recovery opportunities with real-world examples
  • Understand how the new work landscape is leading to an increase in lost profits
  • Learn why more companies are partnering with an external recovery audit firm to recover lost profits
Why Audit Your Suppliers Now

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