Many companies are using our Recovery Audits and Compliance Audits to return profits thereby offsetting cost cutting initiatives.

No one wants to reduce head count when you’re already over worked and understaffed, undergoing transition and perhaps going through a merger.

Our approach to recovery audits is simple. It’s designed for you with your goals in mind. Powered by real people who deliver real results. We do this in combination with live communication to your suppliers and using the best AI technology that was developed from and for recovery audits. Our tools allow us to look across all your suppliers and transactions, mapping and recording application habits. This helps our analyst ask the right questions to get to the right people and speak the suppliers language.

We deliver the most comprehensive audit anywhere with minimal intrusion, and delivered on time. Count on increased profits, improved processes, and valuable reporting.

Managing contracts should be pretty straightforward, fact is, it’s not. Thousands of new contracts, internal staff changes and a whole new set of rules and regulations and add in a new software systems and a data conversion for good measure. Still sound simple?

This all adds up to opportunities for losing money, getting out of compliance and raising risk…and lots of it!

Most errors are simply the result of overwhelming volume, changes in personnel, or unfamiliarity with existing contracts. We are trained and skilled at identifying exposure areas. We’ll give you the information to fix the problem and even recover any lost profits as a result.

Knowledge Exchange is designed to answer questions that you ask every day.

  • Is this a duplicate vendor?
  • Have I already paid this invoice?
  • Am I using the best payment term?
  • Should I be concerned with this supplier?
  • Can I even do business with this supplier?

Ask and you shall receive. These questions are answered through Knowledge Exchange, the same tool that our analysts use every day. Intuitive, easy to use and without the need to purchase or install software. License just what you want based on your business needs. Available when you want it, along with the workflow necessary to track, manage and complete the project.

“I have worked with AP Recovery for over 16 years and have 
nothing but high praise for their team.”

One of the nation’s top 3 Oil conglomerates